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The exhibition reason:

Based on the appeal of Vice President Bing Yao and the wishes of a large number of members of  the China Construction and Metal Structure Association, the CCMSA in cooperation with RAY International Exhibition Co. Ltd have decided to hoste the first international automatic and electric door exhibition in March 2016 in Beijing.

The exhibition will not only present the latest global trends in the industry, but it also aims to help promote international communication, strengthen exchange and cooperation between upstream and downstream participants in the industry and help create new partnerships nationally and internationally.

The international automatic and electric door exhibition will help create new perspectives for the future and provide a window of opportunity for the healthy development of the whole industry, giving oppertunities to conquer new markets.

The exhibition succses factors:

As the capital of China Beijing provides an irreplaceable regional advantage to explore the markets in the north of China. In addition to the strategic plan for the "Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei" to one of the world's largest metropolitan areas and industrial zones, opportunities for various industries, including, of course, the automatic and electric door industry, have arisen in the region. Currently there are already several trade fairs for the automatic and electric door industry in some key regions in China, but until now not in the Chinese capital Beijing. Therefore, a professional exhibition in Beijing is not just a novelty, but also meets the market demand for such an exhibition in one of China's major cities.

The success of the exhibition will also benefit from the following factors:

The sponsorship of the China Construction Metal Structure Association and its Vice-President Bing Yao, with more than ten years of industry experience and a large member network.

The exhibition company, which already has extensive experience in organizing exhibitions and a large catalog of foreign customers.

The german exchibition partner, which will not only advertise the trade fair in German, but also take care of any questions and wishes german visitors may have until arriving at the Exhibition in China.

The exhibition Host:

China Construction Metal Structure Association was established in August of 1981 in Beijing. CCMSA is registered and  approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the sole industry association in the field of metal structure construction and materials. It runs under the guidance of the Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Development(MOHURD) and under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in business. CCMSA is a non-profit organization that is voluntarily formed by companies engaged in the field of construction and materials. The main tasks of CCMSA are industry reforms, technology innovations, scientific and technological research. The organization also aids governmental deparmtments in China and is entrusted to make, revise and standardize products and enforce product quality certifications. It participates in technological exchanges and develop forming friendship and cooperation among civil societies both on domestic and overseas markets. The CCMSA is futhermore entrusted by the government to organize industy relevant exhibitions, to actively expand markets and where necessary enforce measures to fight fake and defective products.

The CCMSA has 3320 active members and a supervisory board composed of 488 industry representatives from universities and colleges and leaders from enterprises and associations in different provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. A Standing board of directors composed of 232 senior industry professionals has also been appointed. In order to strengthen the development of various specialized industries, the association has established several specialized committees  in the sectors: Wood Doors and Windows, Aluminum Doors and Windows, Plastic Doors and Windows, Steel Structures, Photovoltaic Components and others. In order to strengthen the propaganda of this industry, the magazine of China Construction of Metal Structure has been set up.

National Agricultural Exhibition Center
Entrance on a exhibition day.
Exhibition hall.
20 minutes drive from Beijing International Airport
Directions to Exhibition Hall
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